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The Pendim "Advanced Sound" A2 (Absolute 2) is the beginning of new marimba mallets series. Series designed for musicians above the average level of sound extraction. The mallets are a combination of four medium A2 heads, wrapped differently in a way that makes every mallet independent. Mallet 1 is designed as a bass mallet with dual tone (better low frequences), Mallet 2,3 and 4 gradually became stronger and adapt into the mid-high range register of the marimba. "Advanced Sound" A2 can be described as solid, middle weight mallets with warm nuances.

     Absolute 2 - is the absolute middle between model 4 and model 2. it is not as heavy as model 4 and is not a light as model 2. It is very preferred by modern musicians.


Parameters of mallets:

  • The shafts are made from birch/rattan and size vary within the following limits:
    • length L - from 40 to 44 cm
    • diameter Ø - 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 mm
  • Yarn - wool, cotton and synthetics

Important Notes !!!

- Rattan's longest handle length is 42 centimeters if you select a longer option like 44cm you will still receive the longest possible - 42 cm!

- "Pendim" keeps the right to choose/change yarn colors.The option to select your own yarn color is available in the Mallet Creator section for custom orders only!


Core's (Mallet Head)
Pendim Core (Mallet Head)
Dual Tone
Birch or Rattan
Cotton, Wool, Synthetics

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