Yamaha CSM-1450AII


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CSM-1450 AII

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These 8-ply maple shell models inherit the basic design of the GS Series, offering outstanding attack and versatility for a wide range of performance situations. The balance between shell and hoop has been improved in the 13-inch version, resulting in a brighter, more lively sound.

CSM-1450AII 14" x 5" Yamaha Remo Renaissance Diplomat Dyna Hoop

10 Tube Lug



Design/Architecture Detail

Shells Thickness 8-ply
Material Maple
Snare Snare Bed Extra Deep
Snare Name Stainless Steel Coiled Wires
Strainers Butt Side Q Type
Release Side DC3 Type


Included Accessories Others Tuning Key


New Shell Design

Q Type Strainer Release

Straight Cable Snares

Extra Deep Snare Bed

New Badge Design


A sophisticated badge design adds a touch of class to the new series.

An extra deep snare bed results in improved contact between the snares and the bottom head for notably enhanced snare response.

Coated straight cable snares are ideally matched to the drum’s head for superior sound.

Compact and easy to operate, the Q Type Strainer lets you tighten or release your snares quickly and quietly.

A revised shell design achieves beautifully warm tone that also has outstanding snap and clarity. The thicker 8-ply maple shell facilitates even finer detail and expanded expressive capability.


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