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These Yamaha Keiko Abe Signature 2-Tone Marimba Mallets feature special dual cores with synthetic leather, effectively changing from a warm and legato sound at low volumes to a bright, articulate tone when you add enough velocity.

Keiko mallets are all fairly heavy to add an immense depth and volume to their sound.

Composer Style Title MKA(W)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 S7 08 09
Keiko Abe For Solo Marimba Frogs              
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms            
Wind in the Bamboo Grove               
Ancient Vase            
Little Windows            
Memories of the Seashore for Solo Marimba            
Wind Across Mountains for Solo Marimba            
Itsuki Fantasy for Six Mallets          
Tambourin Paraphrase -for Solo Marimba-              
Wind Sketch for Solo Marimba            
Marimba d'Amore -for Solo Marimba-            
Prism for Solo Marimba                  
Kazak Lullaby -for Solo Marimba-            
Piacer d'amor -for Solo Marimba-            
Song of the Seashore -for Solo Marimba-            
Alone -for Marimba-            
Variations on Dowland's Lachrimae Pavana -for Solo Marimba-            
Mi-chi Paraphrase -for Solo Marimba-            
Variations on Japanese Children's Songs            
For Two Marimbas Tambourin Paraphrase -for Two Marimbas-            
Conversation in the Forest -for Two Marimbas-  
Wind Across Mountains -for Two Marimbas-          
Wind Sketch Ⅱ -for Two Marimbas-          
Memories of the Seashore II -for Two Marimbas-          
Wind in the Bamboo Grove II -for Two Marimbas-         
The Breath of the Tree II -for Two Marimbas-          
Reflections on Japanese Children's Songs II -for Two Marimbas- Revised Edition        
Prism II -for Two Marimbas-              
Birch or Rattan

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