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Pendim provides the rare option for musicians to choose every parameter in the mallets they order. The combination of the various options that you can choose from will provide you with mallets fitting all of your musical desires.

Instructions !!!

After you select the Amount, Handle Material, Handle Length, Handle Thickness, Yarn Colour you will be asked to do a Detailed Description. The mallets in the left hand will be 1\/2 and the mallets in the right hand 3\/4 you need to select the head type and hardness of each mallet and write it in the description:

Head Types

      Model 1,          Model 2,           Model 6

Model 1 - has e specifique shape, it is light, mainly used for vibraphone and in rare occasions by young marimba players

Model 2 - is a standart marimba head with very good balance. It is also used for heavy vibraphone mallets.

Model 6 - is a light vibraphone head, mostly used with thin handles for faster movement speed, lower hand pressure and better articulation. The Pendim VM M6 (Vibraphone Mallets Model 6) are performing great in the mid-high section of the vibraphone, but they are weak in the lower register 

Head Hardness - Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Hard, Hard,

After you choose your head type and hardness you are asked to explain the conception behind your choice: What sound are you looking for? What music pieces do you plan to use the mallets for? Everything that you think can help us understand you better and do our job correctly. We advice all new clients to get more familiar with our products and choose carefully the parameters before they order!

Example for Deatiled Description: Mallet 1 (left bass mallet) - Model 6, Medium Soft; Mallet 2 (middle mallet in left hand) - Model 6, Medium; Mallet 3 - (middle mallet in right hand) - Model 6, Medium; Mallet 4 (most right mallet) - Model 6, Medium Hard. I plan to play many modern pieces and I want to have options for different sound in my set of four mallets

Short Example for Deatiled Description: 1-M2, Medium Soft; 2,3,4 - M2, Medium. I need heavier mallets for a better sound performance in the low register. I play on a 3 octave vibraphone.

Important Note !!!

- Rattan's longest handle length is 42 centimeters if you select an longerer option like 44cm you will still receive the longest possible - 42 cm !

- This is a custom order so it is possible to take between 2-7 working days before the mallets are ready for shippment.

Core's (Mallet Head)
Pendim Core (Mallet Head)
Birch or Rattan
Cotton, Wool, Synthetics

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