Yamaha YM 6100 Concert Grand Marimba


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YM 6100

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Concert Grand Marimba

YM-6100 is the result of 40 years of collaboration between the legendary marimbist Keiko Abe and Yamaha's designers.



Rosewood Bars

The bars are produced from carefully aged and hand-selected rosewood then carefully tuned with the unique Yamaha tuning method for accurate intonation.

Height-Adjustable Frame


The see-through white and dark wood stain frame is beautifully crafted and features an upper crossbar for support as well as height adjustable by pneumatic struts.

Forward Facing Tunable Resonators

The YM-6100 features easily accessible, forward facing tunable resonators from C16 to F33 that allows for easy fine tuning, pitch and tone control of the lower.

Improvement of structure and weight


Improvement of structure and weight made assembling easier, retaining high quality. It became more comfortable for players to transfer everywhere.






Dimensions Width 272cm
Height 88-102cm
Depth 116cm
Weight Weight 106.5kg

Design/Architecture Detail

Caster Type φ100mm
Bars Thickness 20-25mm
Width 41-80mm
Material Honduran rosewood
Adjustment Height Adjustment Pneumatic strut system


Tone Generation Range 5 octaves, C16–C76
Pitch A=442Hz (other pitches available by special order)

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